Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On the up

After yesterday's downer, today has been much better!  I woke up in a funk again but I was determined to be pro-active about getting out of it so I attended my fave yoga class.  And it worked!  Since then, today has been productive and focused.  Hurrah for yoga!

I've also been continuing with the food photo-taking so here are some snapshots...

Yesterday's dinner was a little early (5:30pm!) but, gosh it was good.  This was an M&S sprouted beans and pea salad with mint dressing, which I added grated carrot and leftover tempeh to.  Once upon a time I would have stood far away from all those gas-inducing foods at once but digestive enzymes have saved the day.  Anyone else tried digestive enzymes of any sort?  What do you think of them?

Would you believe me if I said there were nuts, olives and other veg hiding underneath the leaves?  It's true!  This was today's lunch, which naturally did NOT fill me up but I felt better for having had the greens.  I promptly filled up on chocolate (an EVERYDAY essential).


I think tonight's dinner wins today's gold star.  Thai Coconut rice with stir-fried veg and fresh ginger, dressed in sesame oil, sweet chilli, and tamari.  Amazing.

And there you have it.  Are you impressed that I have blogged 3 times in less than a week???  I most defo am.  Maybe this is the new me...

However, doesn't it get boring looking at people's every day foods?



  1. Eh, it can get boring looking at people's every day foods. But it's still a interesting to compare diets. I try and just post my "exciting" eats so people don't get too bored :D.

  2. thai coconut rice...sounds ahhhhmazing!!!

    tell me more about digestive enzymes?! please!

  3. Where do you get Tempeh from? I can't seem to find it anywhere! I've never heard of digestive enzymes either?